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natural eco soft linen

About Us

Neslinen is a social business driven, being built by Asian women, a place with a long term history and tradition of sewing and knitting. Neslinen stands for “natural-eco-soft-linen”, we love to bring our nice crafted items to worldwide customers and share passion in eco-friendly and sustainable linen around the world.

Neslinen is born with a vision of providing innovative solutions to tackle issues of textile waste by using recycled material in its production. Textile industry has create tons of waste every year and not much of them has been recycled.

Neslinen only uses natural materials in its towel ranges such as tencel, soybean, modal, bamboo, cotton and recycling cotton. Our mission is to discover more and more economic and green fiber to make great linen products for our customers. We want our future generations to live in green, stay in green and love green products like ours. 

Production is operated by leading manufacturers with highly skilled and well trained workers, following European standards such as OEKO TEX Standard 100, OEKO TEX Made in Green or GOST for organic textile products. These standards would assure that production itself is not harmful to the environment. 

Neslinen also want to commit fair trade to textile suppliers, manufacturers, fiber growers and many more. We want to support unheard communities or invisible groups including women, girls who should have good working conditions and equal chances of promotion in the workplace. We are a women-led business and would like to inspire other women and girls to have their own successful business and fulfillment in life.