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Neslinen Antibacterial Towels

New Towel Generation – Say Goodbye to Germs

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Neslinen Antibacterial Bath Towels For Sensitive Skins

Our Story

Neslinen is a social business, founded by a group of women who love sewing and knitting. We want to create jobs, fair employment opportunities, and good working conditions for women in home textile. Neslinen stands for “natural-eco-soft-linen”, we only use natural and sustainable materials in our products. And we’re passionate about bringing our beautifully crafted eco-friendly, anti-bacterial products to socially conscious shoppers around the globe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use eco-friendly and sustainable fibers to make beautiful, soft, high-quality bath towels and linens. We promote a circular economy by using recycled material in our products and promote green communities by giving and sharing towels after use. Neslinen production is operated by quality-prioritized-first manufacturers and follows European standards: OEKO TEX Standard 100, OEKO TEX Made in Green, and GOST for organic linen.

Why? Because these standards guarantee that our production processes do not harm the environment in any way.

Neslinen Antibacterial Towels

Made with the new technology of using an Ion Ag+ Silver layer to protect towels from

growing bacteria and fungi – even in moist dark bathrooms

Our Commitment

We love to bring eco-friendly, natural bath towels to your home, take care of your skin, and be safe for the environment

100% Pure Air Cotton

Super Soft and Quickly Dry

No plastic or harmful chemicals